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FAQ: Salling Media Sync for Mac

How much faster will syncing be if I register?

When registered, the transfer rate (as seen in the Salling Media Sync window) will not be increased. Salling Media Sync always uploads content at the maximum possible speed supported by your device.

However, in registered mode, only changes will be transferred (as opposed to the whole set of selected content to sync). This results in a dramatically shorter sync time (unless you've selected to sync a completely different set of content to sync).

Article added: 2008-12-16 16:47:33

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Product Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

A compatible device

iTunes 7.6.x - 10.1.1 (for music and podcasts)

iPhoto '08 - '11 or Aperture 2 (for photos)

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